Garrett Speer

Garrett’s passion for music began at the age of 13 when his grandfather gave him his old Gibson guitar. Garrett quickly learned to play began writing songs with his two brothers in his parents garage. A couple months later Garrett formed a band and performed events at his middle, and high school, which helped develop his skills as a performer.

Garrett grew up in Ft. Myers, Florida and attended a small private school. His high school years were spent between nights on the football field and fishing, hunting, and racing with his friends. Shortly after their high school graduation, one of Garrett’s best friends, Tucker, passed away suddenly from heart failure. This pivotal moment still influences Garrett’s songwriting to this day.

Garrett attended college at Florida Gulf Coast University, where he played in all of the local college bars to make money. After many years of playing locally, Garrett started to develop a fan base all over south Florida that allowed him to share the stage with some of Country’s biggest acts.