Stevie Monce with Kayla Adams

Stevie Monce with Kayla Adams

time 9:00 pm

July 27, 2018

Stevie Monce
Originally from Dallas, GA singer/songwriter Stevie Monce mixes a classic rock n roll style with a distinct southern flair. With music ranging from shoe-tapping rock riffs to heartfelt acoustic ballads, Monce is able to connect with listeners through meaningful lyrics and organic tunes. His extensive experience playing sold out shows and music festivals allows the singer/songwriter to captivate his audiences with diverse sounds that are both personal and engaging. Monce has already made an impact on the music scene with two full-length album releases, a 5 song EP, and a fun new sing along single. Armed with a new found momentum on his side he shows no signs of stopping.

Kayla Adams
I could start this with, “I’m Montana born and raised,” but I think it’s more important for you to know where I’m going, than where I have been.

Musically, I’ve always been drawn to the songs that touch my emotions. The sad ones.. the angry ones… the ones that make me feel… that tell me I’m alive.   The first song I remember that touched me was “Bye Bye” by JoDee Messina.

The happy go lucky stuff with big happy endings has always felt a little fake and unrelatable.  Life is just not that way.  The best lessons are learned when you reach for something or someone beyond your grasp. Reaching for what might be unattainable at that time, causes growing pains and growth both as a person and as an artist.

Songs that are honest, and soul-baring are the ones that matter… Most people learn more from heartbreak than the learn than anything else and I want to become their voice. The thing I really love about sad music is that it reminds you that you aren’t alone… that someone understands what you are going through.