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Redferrin on Friday night, September 20, 2024, at Stoney’s Rockin’ Country

 A true Tennessee original with a sharp sonic bite. The perfect ingredient to get the party started or slow it on down and create life-long memories. He packs a punch you can’t ignore, and although his mix of country heart and hip-hop swagger might be an acquired taste, he’s been bringing fans a full-bodied buzz for years now – most recently with his viral hit “Jack & Diet Coke”. But with his long awaited Old No. 7debut, those fans can now savor their buzz longer than ever.


The buzz around Warner Music Nashville country artist Redferrin is impossible to ignore as one of Nashville’s most unorthodox and innovative new singer/songwriters. His recent releases are full of adrenaline-pumping energy and rebellious swagger, providing just a sample of the kaleidoscopic musical textures he can create. With lyrics that serve as a manifesto for his take-it-or-leave-it style, Redferrin wants the new music to become a sonic mirror held up to today’s rural culture.


Born Blake Redferrin, the White House, Tennessee native spent his first 24 years on the pegs of a dirt bike, now harnessing that thrill-seeking spirit and relentless drive for a new kind of sound. He already boasts several successful cuts, including Florida Georgia Line’s hip-hop inspired“Countryside,” Nelly’s recent smash “Lil Bit,” and Dean Brody and The Reklaws’ “I Can’t Help Myself,” which showcased a knack for party starting, hitting No. 1 in Canada and setting a record for the most one-week radio spins in the nation’s history. Redferrin is set to release more new music this year as he continues chasing high-speed dreams with the throttle pinned and no kill switch.