Nate Moran

This Friday night, Live music with Nate Moran and Coast X Coast Fundraiser!

Coast X Coast

Our mission is to honor fallen U.S. Special Operation Forces and enhance the quality of life of wounded members.⁣

2019 Ride For The Fallen⁣

The 2019 Ride For The Fallen will start in Los Angeles, CA on August 23rd and culminate in Fayetteville, NC on September 7th. As we make our way across this great nation, we will be sharing the stories of our honorees. This will be the 6th year that we have conducted the Ride For The Fallen. We have the honor to share the stories of six veterans this year. Our mission is to honor fallen Special Operations members and enhance the lives of those wounded. Come say hi or join the team for the ride. We hope to see you on the road!! Be sure to follow us on⁣
Facebook: @cxcfoundation
Instagram: @cxcfoundation

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Nate Moran, a Georgia grown country boy, has the North Carolina and Georgia southern “twang”, the West Virginian love for downhome country music, and the modern and carefree sounds of Florida and California. ⁣

Nate’s inspiration of music began when he lost his father at the age of 11. Since his father was a native West Virginian and had a love of country music, Nate’s passion was ignited to learn and play the guitar so that he could play his father’s favorite songs. ⁣
As Nate entered his journey into becoming a teenager, his Uncles were instrumental in teaching Nate how to play the guitar and sing. As those difficult years of becoming a teenager created a montage of dreams, goals, and learning experiences, he had his Aunts and Grandmothers there providing love and guidance. Most importantly, his mother and two sisters have been the continuous support and love that has embraced Nate throughout his life’s journey. ⁣
Nate’s experiences throughout his life has allowed him to be a great storyteller through his songs. As a songwriter, Nate is able to share his experiences and deepest feelings with his fans of country music. Nate is always listening to others and capturing the heart of a message which leads him to writing his next song. ⁣