Jeremy Mccomb & Kimberly Dunn

Jeremy Mccomb & Kimberly Dunn

time 9:00 pm

January 19, 2018

Jeremy McComb

After tour managing the biggest comedy tour in the country ( Larry the Cable guy/Blue Collar Comedy Tour ) writing movie soundtracks (one of which was nominated for a grammy) and songs that have appeared on projects selling over 6 million units including 3 Nationally Charting Hits “ Wagon Wheel “, “ This Town Needs a bar ” & “ Cold ” on Billboard . McComb is a performer who has seen it all.
S pen ding years with major & major independent record deals and touring with: Sugarland, Trace Adkins, Montgomery Gentry & many others. His first album “My Side of Town” was picked by People Magazine as “Nine stars to Watch” , received countless 4+ star reviews including “Country Weekly” who called it “one of the years most encouraging albums” . His last release “LEAP & The net will appear” was self produced / independ e ntly released and spawned a 2012 summertime Hit single “Easy as Breathin” Co-written by Jeremy and one time Jason Mraz producer/Grammy Nominee Kevin Kadish.
McComb is back in 2014 In a Big way, in January he signed a 3 year Tour Sponsor deal with TURNER Motorsports (a multiple Nascar Team Owner), EPIPHONE Guitar endorsement, and did an exclusive deal with WALMART to be featured with Tim Mcgraw, Lee Brice, Josh Thompson,Rodney Atkins and others as part of their Walmart “Zinepak” CD/Tour which included Jeremy’s latest single “LOVE SONG” playing on Radio across the country right now as well as enjoying the biggest sales numbers of his career.

Kimberly Dunn

For convenience’s sake, we can go ahead and call Forever On the Run Kimberly Dunn’s official “debut.” We could split hairs and call it her full-length debut, acknowledging that the vibrant young artist already has a couple of EPs and countless performances under her belt and didn’t just spring up on the Texas music scene with these 15 polished songs from seemingly out of nowhere. But the fact of the matter is, Forever On the Run will still be a lot of people’s first introduction to Dunn, and when it comes to the best musical discoveries, nobody likes to be late to the party. So in the interest of letting everybody catch up at once, we’ll push the back story down just a bit and reset the clock on Kimberly Dunn’s already off-and-running music career to right this moment. Now press play, and watch her go.

“Sunrise over fields of clover
As far as my eyes can see
Oh I’ve been waiting, anticipating
That feeling to set me free …”

That first song on the album is called “So Good,” and it sounds just like that: a giddy rush of unbridled joy and wide-open possibility. Indeed, even when she admits that her “life’s work is owed to the jerk who dared to break my heart,” there’s not a lick of regret in her casual confession. Because whether she’s strumming her guitar “in a shot-slinging bar” on a Saturday night or singing heart-felt hallelujahs from the church pew on Sunday morning, this is clearly a woman feeling empowered and set free by her muse, her faith, and perhaps most crucially, her own belief in herself.